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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety Attacks and Hypnotherapy

Over the years Hypnotherapy has begun to get a higher quality of good results for Sessions to deal with Anxiety Attacks and Panic attacks. More and more clients see a reduction of the attacks over time as the sub- conscious mind begins to take on and new reality.

Hypnotherapy can help over a very short amount of time compared to many other therapies. You just relax and let the Hypnotherapist talk to your sub- conscious mind and talk out the fears and doubts and anxiety.  Is Hypnotherapy the magic pill ? perhaps not but many people have tried and found it to work very well and believe me after years of anxiety and panic attacks the removal of them is like a heavy load lifter to say the lease.

The Hypnotherapist will use one of two different ways of making the changes within your mind. One,  he or she will use age regression to go back and find what the event was that started the attacks and make deep emotional changes to the event so you have a different emotion to whatever is causing your attacks and they should become less and less . The second is to change your belief system to give you a new sense of control over your thoughts and move through life with a greater sense of confidence. Again when you’re in control of your thoughts, so do the attacks become less and less. Hypnotherapy for Anxiety attacks work great , if you believe this when you see a therapist then you’re more than half way there.

So when you see a hypnotherapist you will need to be relaxed , calm and comfortable. One problem is many clients are not and come in feeling anxious and ready to have an anxiety attack. The first few sessions can take more time as having a good rapor with the hypnotherapist is very important and needed for one to relax to the point of going into a hypnotic trance. 

A good point to remember is that you can only be hypnotized if you want to be , if you come in to the office and are thinking I don’t want to do this or I can’t be hypnotized YOU won’t . You have come to the hypnotherapist to be helped, otherwise you wouldn’t be there, Right!

s it possible to turn a anxiety or panic attack into a positive experience. Are we able to turn fear into, believe it or not Excitement and have it controlled with one mental Switch or trigger. I think you can and I’m going to tell you how.

Many people fear the thought of an anxiety attack, many think it is the same as a heart attack. So firstly be sure to be well informed as to the different.

I truly believe that with the power of hypnotherapy to help clients to trigger the feelings of excitement over the feelings of fear , they recover much faster from the anxiety or panic attacks . It is much harder to create calm from panic than excitement from being anxious.

So you ask why?   Because it is much easier to think of anxious as being the same as excited. They are both from the same group of states of mind. ( the arousal state) which means it is much easier to trigger a switch from these two states then from a anxious state to a calm state.

By using the trigger set by the hypnotherapist you can instantly become excited rather than anxious. And the fear factor has been remove because you have no fear of excitement you find a feeling of calmness comes easily over you.

Let’s look at a panic attack. 90% of the time it comes on because of some type of body sensations. These feelings can be anything from a pounding heart to a chest tightness or just a feeling of dizziness. Your mind sets in motion a feeling of fear and then on comes the panic attack. Then all the thoughts start racing through your mind, I’m going to loss control or I’m going to die. I know it is hard to explain to anyone the feelings of a anxiety attack  and most people have no idea what you’re going though.


How to stop the feeling of losing control ..


The hypnotherapist can set a trigger to help you respond in a new way to the anxiety attack. Now you know when it is happening that this is your moment to choose this new response. Now rather than reacting with fear and panic you will react with curiosity and excitement.


Here is a overview of the steps..


Moving form fear to excitement.


1: Don’t resist of fight the sensations of the body these feelings cannot hurt you.

2: These feelings are your guild not your enemy so just befriend them.

3: Embrace the feelings and see them with a unique curiosity.


4: Now Encourage the feelings to come forward, and allow yourself to get excited. Let your chest get tight and your heart pound and you can shake and feel that state of arousal come over you. Don’t try in any way to control the feelings. Just flow with them and feel excited and alive.

Now for some this is easy, however for some it is not and it maybe time to see a hypnotherapist to help you with the on off switch. You will notice that from this point forward you are doing something very different. You are controlling it and not the other way around.

It’s more like riding a rollercoaster you know the hill is coming however you’re ready to ride the fear to the end. You know the feelings are coming as you get to the top , however you become really excited instead of fighting the feelings, and this gives you the power over these anxiety attacks that have had their power over you for so long .

That is the secret to turning fear into excitement! Hypnotherapy for anxiety works very well, in fact is the top therapy for the issue. If you’re unable to control the problem it is time to see us.


Ron Thompson ACCHT

The Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center