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What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

In today’s very techno/media/info world it’s hard to imagine anyone not hearing about or seeing hypnosis either on TV, YouTube, the Internet, or by actually attending a hypnosis stage performance or hearing someone else’s experience at a hypnosis performance. This is ‘Stage or Street Hypnosis’ as it’s called, and whenever you hear anyone talking about these performances it’s usually quite funny and entertaining and your entire reason for attending is to be entertained and have a good laugh. But hypnotherapy is quite a different experience than a hypnosis stage performance.

3. Freedom, open doorway to beauty and freedom, relaxation gardenA person going to see a hypnotherapist is going to find it to be a very relaxing experience and one that actually helps you to make positive changes in attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, habits, fears and even help you to find ways to heal yourself too. A person having a hypnotherapy session need not fear that they will come out of the office exhibiting strange or bizarre behavior such as barking like a dog or quacking like a duck. Nor is there any fear that you will lose control of yourself to the hypnotherapist. As with any hypnosis, whether its stage hypnosis or hypnotherapy, you are always in control.

Even in stage performances the people who volunteer to go onstage WANT to entertain the audience and so are willing participants to the suggestions that the hypnotist is giving them. The same thing applies when seeing a hypnotherapist, he/she only guides the person through visualization, imagery, metaphors, and some direct suggestions to the sub-conscious mind all designed to help the person to make positive life style changes; but the person has to actually WANT these changes in the first place in order for any positive effect to take place.

What are the benefits of Hypnotherapy? How can it help me

Hypnotherapy is a truly amazing therapy and has many benefits. There are so many areas that it can benefit you to feel mentally, physically, and even spiritually more rejuvenated, healed, and renewed that I could go on and on. The benefits are truly overwhelming but here are just a few main ones to consider:

Anyone Can Benefit From Hypnotherapy

Happy in love

Anyone from any age group, gender, profession, or background can benefit from hypnotherapy. And contrary to popular opinion, the smarter you are the easier it is for you to go into a hypnotic trance and not the other way around!

Hypnotherapy for Men & Women’s Issues:

  • Overcoming stress at work and home
  • Coping with divorce, new marriage, new baby, new job...
  • Help to let go of past relationships
  • Helping with Men’s sexual performance anxieties
  • Helping with Women’s hormonal issues

Hypnotherapy for Children and Teens Issues:

6. young girl holding up A+ sign feeling confident

Effective Treatment Solutions for both Physical & Psychological Issues

5. changing a stormy mood, storm clouds stoppedQuite often our bodies exhibit various types of ailments in response to our emotional states. For instance, a person who is very obese may be that way because of the emotional need to amour herself and so she overeats as a protection. Or a person may never be able to keep a long-term relationship because they believe themselves to be not worthy so they find ways to sabotage the relationship unconsciously to prove that they are right. These are only a few examples of how hypnotherapy can help people with these types of issues.

Here is a partial list of more Physical & Psychological Issues that Hypnotherapy can help:

9. Woman sleeping soundly, clock in background shows night time hours, sound asleep

  • Weight Management & Promoting Healthy Eating Habits
  • Insomnia, Sleeping Disorders
  • Hearing Problems like Tinnitus
  • Allergy and Asthma Release
  • Easy Childbirth
  • Headaches
  • Irritable Digestion
  • Skin Problems
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Stress Management
  • Guilt & Release of Emotional Traumas from Childhood
  • Ability to Grieve Effectively & Trauma ReleaseRelationship Problems & Self-Sabotage
  • Blushing & Shyness

For a more extensive list of some of the many issues Hypnosis helps with Click Here

Enhance Your Body’s Natural Healing Function

2. overcoming fears, overcoming anxiety, pushing to the edge, fighting backHypnotherapy is a wonderful way to help a person ease their mind in order to deal with the doubts and fears they may be experiencing because of receiving medical treatments for an illness. Hypnotherapy first of all helps the person to reduce their anxiety, tension, and stress by giving them positive reinforcement and ways to relax their bodies completely. Then it helps by strengthening their immune system to unlock their own inner potential by utilizing their sub-conscious mind to create their own personal mind-body healing. Hypnotherapy can greatly improve a person’s response time to medical treatment in a positive way. Positive thinking really matters when it comes to healing quickly and efficiently.

Hypnotherapy Can Improve Your Health by:

  • Encouraging a Healthier Lifestyle
  • Easing Your Chemotherapy Experience
  • Manage Chronic Pain (Including phantom pain)
  • Make Coping with Illness Easier
  • Positive Mental Preparation Before Surgery
  • Rapid Healing After Surgery
  • Promote healing of skin conditions like Psoriasis, warts and rashes.

Help Overcome Addictions, Bad Habits & Odd Behaviors

Many people have addictions to things like smoking, prescription drugs and other drugs, alcohol, or some people have odd types of behaviors like obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) that limit you from living as freely as you should. With the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy we can unlock what it is that started these addictions, behaviors, or habits by talking to the subconscious mind and then asking your subconscious mind to stop the behavior and encouraging it to change. Afterwards positive suggestions are given that have a powerful positive impact on your ability to control such addictions, habits, and behaviors.

The Top 5 Reasons people see a Hypnotherapist

  • To Stop Smoking Cigarette’s, Weed, Cigars, Chewing tobacco.
  • Weight Loss, Issues like sugar addiction, Emotional Binge eating, Motivation, and portion control.
  • Sleep Problems Going to sleep, staying a sleep, fear of not sleeping, going back to sleep.
  • Anxiety & Depression Anxiety and panic attacks, Social anxiety, School and testing, PTSD, OCD
  • Pain Management Acute, Chronic, Injury pain, arthritic.

Addictions, Bad Habits & Behaviors that Hypnosis have been known to help:

7. stop smoking, scissors cutting cigarette, deciding to stop smoking
  • Addictions like: Gambling, Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, Prescription drugs..
  • Behaviors like: Nail Biting, Teeth Grinding, Binge eating, Hair pulling, Skin picking...
  • Fears like: Flying, bugs, animals, falling, heights, closed spaces, snakes, etc.


10. tame spider walking on woman’s hand, feeling calm with spider

Change the way you think and become who you want to be.

You can pursue your dream job, write a novel, learn a new language, become an Olympian, become a millionaire or start a business. All you need is confidence and focus.

Hypnosis for self-development goals, increase your self-confidence as well to:

  • Improve Your Body Language
  • Learn to Get Along With Others
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Become an Early Riser
  • Become More Proactive
  • Acquire Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Release the Past.
  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs
  • Increase Your Willpower, self-control
  • Learn to Make Better Decisions

Hypnotherapy Can Give You Greater Access to Your Super Conscious Mind

4. Bridge to the light to past life regressionAre you looking for answers to your divine purpose here on this earth? Are there things that have happened to you in this lifetime that science just can’t explain? Things like unexplained aches or pains, unexplained fears towards places of travel or unexplained talents and aptitudes for things, a love or hate of certain cultures that are not at all related to your own family or upbringing. Would you like to know who you were in another lifetime? Do you have a certainty or feeling that someone or something is always guiding you, like a spirit guide? These are things that can be discovered through Past Life Regression therapy or through Meeting with your Spirit Guide during hypnosis.

  • Discover your previous lifetimes through Past Life Regression - PLR
  • Meet your Spirit Guide through hypnotherapy

Improve Yourself and Be the Best You Can Be!

Are you stopping yourself from fulfilling your dreams because you have feelings of inadequacy? Maybe you’d like to apply for a better job, or make that presentation, ask the girl of your dreams out on a date, but something is always holding you back from being all that you can be. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve more out of life. It can help to give you the self-confidence, self-esteem, memory recall, public speaking confidence, motivation, focus and anything else you need. Again it comes down to talking to your sub-conscious mind and implanting positive suggestions and new behavior patterns that allow you to take positive action in your life.

Personal Development that Hypnosis is known to help with:

  • Memory Recall & Accessing Your Untapped Mental Abilities
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Learning Skills & Study Habits
  • Intensity of Focus & Emotional Clearing
  • Developing a Positive mental Attitude
  • Public Speaking Ability
  • Motivation & Writer's Block
  • Attention Span & Using Your Potential
  • Tension & Stress
  • Creating Exercise Patterns & Achieving Goals
  • Assertiveness & Concentration
  • Sexual performance ( ED, Anxieties, enhancement)
  • Overcome procrastination

Very Important Note about Self Hypnosis

Ultimately all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The old fashioned idea of the hypnotist instructing somebody to ‘carry out his or her orders’ has long ceased to be taken seriously. Once you are able to learn simple relaxation and visualization techniques, you are in a position to practice self-hypnosis. You can easily learn these techniques for helping with many different situations.

One of our big goals and wishes for all our clients is to eventually teach them the tools for themselves.

Self-Hypnosis is a very easy technique for you to learn and with practice you will become very good at it, meaning that in the future you will have a fantastic method for overcoming problems and difficulties, solving challenges and achieving more and more of what you want for yourself.

Self-Hypnosis is ‘a tool for making changes in your life. Everyone knows that problems are a part of living that we all face. However, perhaps not everyone realizes that all of us carry around within ourselves, the resources for survival...personal evolution...and success. Download our FREE Self-Hypnosis E-Book here.

Why has hypnosis been utilized for so many thousands of years by so many people?


Come in and see us, we are qualified and experienced hypnotherapists and we can help you to become more relaxed, confident, and fulfilled to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Imagine what it would be like to be anxiety free, habit free and fearless, but the question is; ARE YOU READY?


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