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What are you holding on to? Isn’t it Time for a new story?

visualizeAre you thinking the same old thoughts and feeling the same old emotions? Are you listening to messages from long ago?

Are you playing the same old scenarios over and over again in your head? Are you telling yourself the same old stories over and over?

You are not alone. It seems that an affliction of being human is that we are susceptible to living in the past. But, there is hope!

Using our unique hypnosis process, you can let go of the old thoughts, old stories, the old images, emotions and behaviors that have been holding you back.

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How to Create Prosperity and Positivity


SUCCESSThere are three key blocks that keep you from having the level of prosperity that you desire. Prosperity is much more than money. It is about having a full and rich life in all areas of the Wheel of Life. To have a full and rich life all areas of life need to feel fulfilled. It is about balance and knowing that you deserve to have it all.

So to get a full and rich life is really pretty simple. Your ability to create a truly abundant life is depended upon how you think, feel and believe at a subconscious level most of the time. Those three factors create the vibration that you broadcast into the world which attracts your experiences.

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Anxiety scrambles The Mind

Confidence For anyone who has tried to study for an exam or take a test of any kind I'm sure that it's no surprise that anxiety scrambles your brain making learning hard. Over the last 10 years it has been concerning for me as I have witnessed the level of stress and anxiety rise among students and young people. High school and college students and even middle school and grade school students are under extreme pressure to perform well in school in preparation for acceptance to college. The levels of stress, anxiety, fear and depression in our children truly is frightening.

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Hypnobirthing Deep Relaxation takes Panting and Pain out of Labor

Reduce Stress. Eliminate Fears. Reduce Pain.Move over Lamaze. Hypnobirthers say their form of deep relaxation takes the panting and pain out of child labor.

The phone rang at 7:30 a.m. and I stumbled out of bed, bleary eyed and eight months pregnant, to find a message from Dan Gilman: his wife Laura Beth was in labor. I had never met the Gilmans, but they had generously invited me to witness the birth of their third child. They were using a pain control technique I was learning myself: Hypnobirthing.

I quickly organized a trip to the birthing center in Danbury, Connecticut, but just one hour after Dan's call, before I'd even made it out of New York City, Mitchell Gilman made it into the world.

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Having the Motivation to Succeed

MotivationFirst of all what is motivation anyway?

Motivation is what pushes us to achieve our goals, feel more fulfilled and improve overall quality of life.

There are many advantages to self-motivation. People who are self-motivated, for example, tend to be more organised, have good time management skills and more self-esteem and confidence.

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Hypnosis for Depression

According to a recent report from Biomed Central dated July 22, 2011, "Depression affects 121 million people worldwide. It can affect a person's ability to work, form relationships, and destroy their quality of life. At its most severe depression can lead to suicide and is responsible for 850,000 deaths every year. " Click on link here for the article: 

With this statistic you may be wondering, am I one of these people? Am I clinically depressed or am I just a bit sad? What are the symptoms of depression?

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Hypnosis for Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression or PLR?

Through the use of hypnosis it is possible to recover scenes, feelings and memories from another or several other previous lifetimes, which has been called Past Life Regression therapy. Many people have found great inner peace by obtaining this knowledge of their past lifetimes in order to bring healing to themselves in their present life.

Some Good Reasons to Experience a Past Life Regression

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Hypnosis for Stopping the Smoking Habit

Is smoking really an addiction or a habit? According to a recent study done by Dr. Reuven Dar, of Tel Aviv University in Israel, researchers have found that smokers find it hard to give up cigarettes not because they are addicted to nicotine as many will have us believe today but simply because it is a habit.

Most smokers continue smoking mainly for 3 basic short-term affects like:

Oral gratification -the need to have something to suck on...kind of like a pacifier or chewing on a pencil.

Sensory pleasure-you enjoy the smell, taste, and feel of a cigarette in your mouth.

Social companionship-most of your friends are also smokers plus you get to smoke outside with the cool dudes.

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Hypnosis for Limiting Beliefs – How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

When you think about your own personal beliefs and ask yourself the question, what do I believe? What immediately comes to mind?

If you were brought up in a religious family the first thing that may come to mind is your spiritual beliefs about God, creation, redemption, and life after death. And all of the religious rites, rules, and tenants that are upon you in your daily life because of those beliefs that you were brought up with.

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Are E-Cigarettes a Gateway to Smoking Rather Than a Cure?

Although electronic cigarettes are supposed to help you ditch the highly additive habit, it's been found they can actually keep you addicted or even encourage addiction in those who wouldn't usually smoke. This is thought to be because of two main factors. Firstly, the 'cool' imagine they've developed thanks to celebrities users and secondly, the flavoured E-liquid inside.

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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in Nanaimo

What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

In today's very media conscious world it's hard to imagine anyone not hearing about or seeing hypnosis either on TV, YouTube, the Internet, or by actually attending a hypnosis stage performance or hearing someone else's experience at a hypnosis performance. This is 'Stage or Street Hypnosis' as it's called, and whenever you hear anyone talking about these performances it's usually quite funny and entertaining and your entire reason for attending is to be entertained and have a good laugh. But hypnotherapy is quite a different experience than a hypnosis stage performance.

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Hypnosis Therapy - 145 Reasons we can help you

    1. Abandonment
    2. Addictions Alcohol Addiction
    3. Age Regression
    4. Aggression
    5. Agoraphobia
    6. Anesthesia

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    Hypnotherapy Nanaimo The History of Hypnosis

    Hypnosis has been used since ancient times, for thousands of years in Egypt and Greece. Hypnosis is even mentioned several times in the bible (Genesis 2:21, 1 Samuel 26:12, Job 4:13, 33:15, Acts 10:10). However, modern hypnosis started to make its impact in the late 1700's and has evolved since then as more research has been conducted. Advances in hypnosis continue to occur, even in modern times as we learn more about the human mind and its capacity.

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    Stop Smoking Using Hypnosis

    Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking is a positive way to stop smoking.

    Why does everyone talk about hypnosis as the main tool to stop smoking and how does that affect you?

    Stopping smoking could be much easier than you think.

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    Did you know that your thoughts affect your body and in fact your body hears every word that you are saying? So when was the last time you thought about what you were saying to yourself?

    Are You :

    • Sick all the time or more than usual?
    • Are you unable to lose weight or gain weight?
    • Are you stressed or even depressed more than you should be?

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    Past life regression therapy raises the important question of whether our spiritual evolution on earth is attained through successive incarnations. Many oriental cultures accept pre-existence and reincarnation in one form or another. Recently these beliefs are becoming increasingly popular also in the west. An alternative view that does not embrace the idea of reincarnation is that, in past life recall, a person's unconscious may be dipping into a universal memory bank, which Jung referred to as collective unconscious, and psychically may be drawing upon a story from the past which mirrors the person's own problems. A third possibility is that the unconscious mind may be making up a story, just like in a dream. Some people doubt the reality of their experience, suspecting that their story may be a product of their imagination. Others find themselves deeply immersed in the story, and the experience they report is felt to be authentic and real.

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    Hypnotherapy is used today widely to treat clients, both psychologically and medically. The therapy has proved itself to be most effective and long lasting to treat unwanted negative patients. Still there isn't any scientific reasoning to explain the powerful outcomes. So the question is does hypnotherapy work?'

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    Understanding Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Self-Development

    What is Hypnosis or the state of Trance?

    Hypnosis done by a Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist is a method of communication that induces a trance or a trance-like state. Hypnosis can be conducted by a therapist or Hypnotist addressing one person or a group of people , or it may be conducted with self-hypnosis. Trance is a naturally occurring state in which someone's attention is narrowly focused. The attention may be focused either internally or externally. The focus of attention is so narrow that other stimuli in the environment are ignored by conscious awareness for a time. Examples of trance states are daydreaming, reading a good book or bang focused on moving movie and some forms of meditation.

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    What is Stage Hypnosis and What is Hypnotherapy?

    Stage hypnotists sometimes argue that it is seeing people hypnotised on television or on stage that convinces people of its use and that it does indeed work. Sure enough, many people who come to see hypnotherapists, or indeed doctors and psychologists using hypnosis, have seen hypnotism on television and are intrigued. The flip side of this is that it takes quite a lot of time explaining hypnosis correctly, including allaying some of their fears, for example;

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    Hypnotherapy and self confidence-. We are all born with self confidence, but somewhere along the way between childhood and adulthood, we lose some of it. Many people have low self confidence; others have confidence in one or more areas of their lives but not others. Use hypnotherapy and your self confidence will soar.

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