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Stop smoking in Nanaimo- quitting smoking with hypnosis

Quit Smoking Now!You know all of the reasons why you shouldn't be smoking. You hear it and think it every day of your life. The problem is that you just can't kick the habit right? Are you frustrated because the habit controls you? If the answer is YES then you've not alone and it is time to give Hypnotherapy a try and make a positive change in your life.


Join the millions of people who have taken back control and stopped smoking using hypnotherapy. Hypnosis for smoking has a higher success rate than most other methods used to break a smoking habit. If you can learn a habit, your sub-conscious can also unlearn it. Hypnotherapy creates a new pattern or habit for the sub-conscious mind to bring forward to the conscious mind.

In short, helping someone who has struggled to quit smoking and STOP the habit can be worth at least tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to that person over their lifetime. Does this appeal to you? Are you ready to start paying yourself every day for being a non-smoker? You have to like that, Right? Here is a table showing how much money you can expect to save over time using the average price of cigarettes in Canada @ $10.00.

Here's how much money you can expect to save when you quit smoking:
Time Period 1 Pack 1 1/2Pack 2 Pack 2 1/2 Pack 3 Pack
Daily $10 $15 $20 $25 $30
Monthly $300 $450 $600 $750 $900
Yearly $3,650 $5,475 $7,300 $9,125 $10,950
10 Years $36,500 $54,750 $73,000 $91,250 $109,500
20 Years $73,000 $109,500 $146,000 $182,500 $219,000

Seeing this chart usually helps to bring things into prospective. The average financial savings to someone who quits smoking is $6000 or $7000 per year. Not to mention the longer term savings in health expenses, time off work for illness, etc. And you can add onto that the intangible value of many other aspects added to your life when you quit smoking for good.

With just a little help to quit smoking you can:

  • Feel more freedom
  • Feel less guilt and stress
  • Spend more quality leisure time with your family and kids
  • Enjoy getting fitter and building more energy
  • Have more money for everything

If you are committed and serious about stopping smoking, hypnosis will work for you! Stopping smoking really can be way easier than you think. Do you want to stop smoking, the easy way? Make the commitment NOW!

For best results it is recommended to have one or 2 reinforcement sessions. If you find you need additional reinforcement, this doesn't mean that you failed or there is something wrong with you or that hypnosis didn't work. Remember, everyone has different levels of suggestibility, motivation, and personal reactions to the stopping process. With just a few additional sessions, you can become smoke-free. There may possibly be some other underlying reason for your continued smoking and this may need to also be addressed in hypnotherapy.

Stop Smoking help maybe easier then you had origanly thought.

Each session is slightly different and addresses the habit from different angles. With our program, we help you quit and provide you with as many sessions as you need to remain smoke-free. We add self confidence sessions to help keep you thinking positively and rejecting negative thoughts.

The first session will be approximately 2 hours and subsequent sessions are 40-60 minutes in duration. You can schedule up to three sessions per week if necessary. We are interested in working with highly motivated people who are serious about quitting. If you want to stop because you think you should or you can't afford to smoke, you should probably wait until you feel you HAVE to stop or when your motivation is high.

Don't try to quit because of someone else (you likely won't succeed). The desire to quit and become smoke-free must come from within you. Only then will suggestions be accepted by your sub-conscious mind which is what makes the hypnotherapy process of quitting smoking successful!

Please come prepared to your appointment with these three things:

  • Be highly motivated to stop smoking at this point in your life, not because someone else wants you to but because it is your decision alone.
  • Drink absolutely No Coffee or Caffeine before your session.
  • Be prepared to change your life to a happier and healthier way of living.

See what clients are saying..

*I have tried for years to stop smoking. I knew I needed help and heard that hypnosis works to help stop smoking. I set up an appointment and I'm so happy I did. I have now quit and I have NO! desire to ever want to smoke again. As well I'm getting back in shape and love life again. All thanks to Ron .


Roger J

*Hello my name is Janet and I saw Ron at the Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center on June the 4th 2014. I quit smoking on June the 4th after 37 years. I tried everything I could and this was the easiest or them all and it works. So do it for yourself I recommend it very highly. I feel Free now.

Janet D.


*I have smoked for over 40 years. I was told by my doctor I had to quit as my lungs are in bad shape. I knew I should stop smoking but I just couldn't. I went to see Ron after a friend told me about him. It took 2 sessions with him and I have quit smoking. This is the best decision of my life, Thanks Ron.

Fred S.

Hypnosis will make quitting much easier than any other method you have tried, but you must be committed and motivated.

Contact Us Now and begin your journey to a happier and healthier new you!!


* Results may vary from individual to individual.

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