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Stress Management in Nanaimo – Hypnosis for Stress

Stress Management HypnotherapyStress, as many sufferers can testify, is a suggestive state whereby the mind tells the individual that things are overwhelming them. Hypnotherapy has long been useful in stress management. Hypnosis gives a person the ability to target their subconscious mind and control their negative thoughts.


Read over the causes of stress and for a few moments think about them. There is a very good positive side to what you're about to read and as you read the causes, know we have the answer you're looking for to help you overcome your feelings of stress.

Mental Symptoms of Stress:

Anxiety, Depression, Powerlessness, Poor self-esteem, Hostility, Anger, Irritability, Resentment, Phobias, Fears, Obsessions, Unwanted thoughts.

Physical Symptoms of Stress:

Muscular tension, high blood pressure, Headaches, Neck aches, Backaches, Indigestion, Irritable bowel, Ulcers, Chronic constipation, Muscle spasms, Tremors, Fatigue, Insomnia, Obesity, Physical weakness.

Events that Can Induce Symptoms of Stress:

Sexual difficulties, Personal injury or illness,Death of: a spouse (a close family member or a close friend), A new addition to the family (new baby, an adopted child or an older relative moving into the household), Major and minor violations of the law, Marriage, Moving residences, Marital separation and Divorce, Children leaving the home, Retirement or being fired or laid off from work, Taking out a mortgage or just paying a mortgage, Vacation, Changing schools, Changing your line of work, Trouble with your boss, Pregnancy, Snoring.

How many symptoms do you have? How many of these stressful events have you had this year in your life? If the answer is one or more, than your stress level is high whether you know it or not. Are you ready to get rid of your feelings of STRESS? Hypnotherapy can give you the tools needed to manage your stress and give you a new outlook on life, perhaps for the first time in a long time.

Hypnotherapy for Stress

Learning how to effectively manage stress can mean the difference between being robust and full of life, or becoming susceptible to illness and disease. Stress can weaken the immune system and accelerate the aging process.

You may not realize it but your emotional health directly affects your physical health. So in addition to making sure you are eating healthy and using a fitness program, you have to maintain a healthy emotional state.

Here is the Good news...

Hypnotherapy allows a client to work with their own unconscious mind; they can address the root cause of emotional issues, and communicate with the part of their mind that is generating the feelings of stress, or of being out of control. Through various techniques hypnotherapy gives a client an opportunity to give themselves a mental cleaning, helping to remove negative thoughts and destructive beliefs. Hypnotherapy can help you tackle the difficulties of life feeling fresh, more confident, and more optimistic. This reduces the impact of future difficult events, leading to a more positive outlook, and less of a sense of being stressed.

Hypnotherapy Benefits

Hypnotherapy for stress has many benefits. It can help you to re-establish new patterns of behaviour and good habits while getting rid of old ones that were only serving a negative purpose. It can help unblock inner feelings which might have led you to not being able to resolve certain issues you've had for a long time which have resulted in negative behavioural patterns or feelings of stress, anxiety, or many other problems.

Hypnotherapy can also help to teach you the difference between what truly matters and what doesn't. It can also benefit your health in a number of ways - teaching you how to manage pain better, helping you get over unhealthy habits and making you less reliant on medications by learning how to establish self-control in areas such as chronic illnesses or chronic pain which can affect you.

Once you have under gone and mastered the techniques of hypnotherapy, you will find that you will be able to live your life in a calmer and more relaxed manner to create a better life for yourself.

Contact Us Now and we can discuss how we can help you change your life to a more positive, healthy and stress free new you.

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