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Dear Ron,

I am writing to express my warmest thanks and sincere gratitude for your help with my smoking

cessation. I had been a smoker for 36 years, and therefore the habit was ingrained into every aspect of my life.

I tried to quit several times (at least 9 that I can recall) which lasted from 3 to 8months, only to end up hooked again.

My health has been an issue because of my smoking, and I was beginning to have difficulty breathing when walking up and down stairs, or just walking short distances.

I have recently been diagnosed with early stages of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), which scared me terribly, as I have 3 wonderful grown children, and a grandchild that I love more than anything – yet, I was unable to quit and continued to smoke. My every waking thought from the time I opened my eyes in the morning, to my last thought before I fell asleep, was consumed with the fear of dying.

I pictured my children grieving at the loss of their mother, and was therefore consumed with sorrow, grief, and anxiety.

For me, the quitting was easy, it was staying quit that was hard—everything I did, had a smoking component—first thing in the morning, after dinner, during phone calls, driving in the car, having the odd alcoholic beverage (usually warranted 3 times the amount of cigarettes), etc.

Since our first session on October 26, 2013, I can truly and proudly declare – I am a non-smoker!

I feel like I have been given a new lease on life, and am now optimistically looking forward to the rest of my long and healthy life with my family, and future grandchildren.

I am no longer consumed with thoughts of doom and gloom, but with feelings of accomplishment, pride, joy, and absolute bliss! Each and every day is filled with happiness

I've never felt so good, or so good about myself.

My friends and family have noticed a change in me, stating I look and sound so happy, calm and relaxed. I am!

I wish everyone could feel as happy and free as I do, so I have been referring friends and family to you.

I feel so totally in control of my life, and can say with conviction (for the first time ever) that I

will never smoke again. I am free!

As I write these words to express my thanks, I am becoming emotional and overcome by a deep sense of optimistic joy and most sincere gratitude. You are in my thoughts every day, and I will never be able to truly express how absolutely grateful I am. You have changed my life! Thank you Ron!!! Please feel free to use any part of this letter as a testimonial in any way you wish.

Sincerely, Angelika

I just wanted to let you know that I am still losing weight!! Its still slow but each week its another 1 or sometimes 2 pounds down. The total weight loss so far is 25 pounds. The inches are still coming off as well. I have lost about 21/2 off the top, 3 off the waist and 3 1/2 off the hips. I am down about 2 sizes. I am happy with the ongoing results even though I wish it would come off faster :). I put in one of the cd's every night and I know that it puts me into hypnosis because I wake up slightly at the counting up.

I am emailing you because I wanted to thank you so much for putting me on this path. The portions of food are easy to maintain, I don't even think about it now, it's just a natural progression. I feel so much healthier and happier now!

Thank you,


Hi, Ron -

I wanted to let you know that my hypnosis sessions with you have been so successful! Remember I was frustrated with spending so much time and energy thinking about eating things like cupcakes and rich desserts, and spending even more time and energy trying to resist eating them??

Well, I have totally dropped that obsessive thinking since seeing you, it's quite amazing. I no longer feel like my head is full of images of rich sweets I know aren't good for me; even when I test the boundaries of my desires for them, to see if I can conjure those images up, it just doesn't work, it's like the images are slippery and I can't get a grip on them.

They simply aren't on my radar any more.

You had also said that the results would get even stronger over time and I have noticed that as well. I am extremely pleased!! Thank you so much.

Thank you again for all your help, it was all a great experience.


Here is my testimonial .

After 24 years of drinking alcohol,mainly beer on a daily basis for the reason of stress relief and to wind down from extremely physical work it started a life time habit that I could not get off by means of normal ways such as doctors drugs or trying by myself as I seemed to fall back to the habit rather quickly.The alcohol was becoming a rather exspensive habit and also I was gaining weight and not to mention health issues as well.

I had read for years about Hypnotherapy and was rather interested in the process.I am a believer in the power of the brain and human body but I am rather a different believer as I am a skepic as well until it either happens to me or I have 100% evidence.

So the decision was made all by myself to stop this never ending habit and I decided that most of my problems with alcohol was in my mind.

This is when I decided that Hypnotherapy would be a good choice and I then contacted Ron Thompson of Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Centre.I phoned Ron and he was so ever helpful in setting up my first appointment with him.On my first appointment Ron made me feel very safe and relaxed.He handled my problem with great expertise and was truly a great help.If you ever want someone to help you with your mind this man is the greatest and has such a wonderful voice whilst in the Hypnotherapy session.

Within the first week after my session I found it rather easy to resist any tempations of alcohol and seemed to breeze through the week.My second session was even better than the first and that is a big ask as the first one was so great.Ron brushed up on a few issues and that was that all done.It has been now a month of no alcohol which is the longest period of my life I have never had any alcohol.I have what so ever no desire to have a beer again.I have lost weight and now have a new vest for life not to mention more money in my wallet.This Hypnotherapy is truly the real deal and to convert a very stubborn man like me into a non drinker is nothing more than a mircale.

I strongly urge anyone who needs some help in any part of your life to make an appointment with Ron and your life will change.I am truly thankfull to Ron and wish him all the best with his patients as he will be an assest to all humans on earth.

Thank you Ron.


I want to take the time to thank you for all of your help, you saved my life. I did nottell you this when we met but prior to our first session I often contemplated ending my life, but nowI look forward to every moment of every day. Scholastically, my ability to focus, process, and recallinformation has drastically increased. There is no word in the dictionary to express the gratitude I havetowards you.On another note, could you send me the next session date and time, I forgot to right it in my calendar.



Hi Ron,

10 days later and still not smoking . The desire to NOT smoke is getting greater and cravings are almost non existent . I am breathing easier , food is tasting better , my friends enjoy that i dont smell of smoke .

All those things are great , but the best one of all ... tobacco of any kind does not run my life anymore . I feel empowered and in control of my health and quality of life .

I am going back for another session soon to strengthen what i have accomplished with your help.


Hi My name is John and I whet to see Ron at the Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center for weight loss. I needded to lose alot of wieht. He helped me by doing a Hypno Band Hypnosis . The amasing thing is how fast I lost my desire to eat lots of food. I started to eat much less and started to loss wieght and over the 6 weeks I lost 30 pounds and I'm still loseing every week. I recommend this way to loss wieght to anyone who needs to get controlover eatting to much. Mr. Thompson is very good and helped me alot and my friend is now going to see him.



Hi my name is Michelle. I'm from Comox B.C. It's been 4 months since I've started with Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center and I've lost 54 pounds as of this morning. It's a great feeling, I've struggled every day before coming here, and that phone call was the best call I ever made. I am healthier, happier, so much more energy, I am exercising on a regular basis, eating healthy foods all the time. I don't even think about what to eat, it just pretty much comes natural. I would highly recommend this to anyone who's had or struggled with losing weight. My biggest problems which were eating late at night and sweets, I don't even miss any of that. I just feel fantastic. I highly recommend you call.



I have been coming to Nanaimo hypnotherapy for almost 6 weeks and have already lost over 20 lbs. I have lost and gained weight before, but this process is different – I am no longer focused on the food, counting calories all the time. I enjoy eating healthy and want to exercise. I feel stronger and more confident in all areas of my life.


As of today, I have lost 48 lbs. I feel great, and I eat better and exercise regularly. I drink a lot of water and my outlook on my life has changed. This has been a life altering experience. I highly recommend the Nanaimo hypnotherapy Center .



I have lost about 22 lbs. so far and look forward to losing more. It really is not difficult. I look forward to the hypnosis sessions each week and am convinced they really work. It also has a positive effect on my confidence and self-esteem.


Port Alberni

Six weeks into the HB program, I find that my weight is down, my clothes fit more comfortably, coffee consumption is down. Most important to me is that I began an exercise program that I have been putting off for manyyears. Surprisingly, this all happened with no feeling of sacrifice. An added benefit is that I feel much more relaxed and I sleep better. I have even stop Drinking after many years because I'm now focused on my health .



I came to hypnosis primarily for weight loss. I have lost 25 lbs since starting, which I'm so very grateful for. Hypnosis has not only helped me with the weight loss, it has also helped with the stress issues that I have – I've learned to take things with a more even approach and it's made my life less stressful. The techniques of hypnosis are amazing. My angery feelings are much calmer and again I'm so thankful for Ron's help.


Recently I went to The Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center in hopes of quitting smoking after over a thirty year habit. At that point, I felt desperate since it was definitely affecting my health, lungs and circulation which is now affecting my quality of life. After three sessions I have not smoked. I can't believe how easy it was. I really feel that by going to see Mr. Thompson and being able to overcome the habit, it has possibly saved my life.



I am a 66 year old female and have smoked for 53 years. I was very positive thinking when I said "I want to quit." I feel great. I have not gained 1 ounce of weight since starting. I highly recommend The Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center to everyone. Thanks so much for helping me!



When I amaround people that smoke it doesn't bother me at all. Also I am not stressed and nasty. I am so normal acting my two daughters they didn't realize that I wasn't smoking. After so many years believe me when I say having Hypnosis was the best desision I ever mage.


I use to smoke cigars several times a week. I now have no desire to smoke. Also the goal planning sessions have allowed me to be more focused on work and life.I talk on the phone for a living and now I'm on the leader board. iT's only because I feel great about myself and I can tell you if your tinking of doing Hypnotherapy you will not regret it.



I live in Brazil and talked with Mr. Thompson by Skype. He was very profetional and we worked out a plan for my depression. I have had 5 calls with him and now I feel much better. I think you have saved my life and I thank you very much.


My Weight Loss sessions

I have more control over how and when I eat. I hope this feeling continues for years to come, actually no, I mean I KNOW this feeling will continue for years to come. I've slowed down my eating as well as said "thanks but no thanks" to my well-meaning subconscious when it's telling me I need cookies, chocolate and one more helping of a wonderful meal. It hasn't been hard either and it's actually been getting easier with each new day. I feel great and I feel in control and that's made all the difference. I have lost 35 pounds and still going, Thanks Ron

Mary S.

Today is a great day I slep like a baby last night for the first time in years. Going to see Tracy was the best thing yet. I was a little worried as to wether I could even be hypnotised but Tracy was very good at helping me to relax and time went by so fast it seemed like a few minutes. It was 1 hour but now I sleep so well I hope you call her to . I recommend her very much .

Sandy W.

It is hard to believe, but after my first visit here I have not picked up a cigarette, nor do I want one. After smoking a pack a day for over 20 years, I was skeptical that hypnosis could be such an easy way to stop. Boy, I was wrong! I would recommend the Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center to anyone wishing to have their last smoke. Why didn't I do this earlier? Thanks Ron

Brenda C.


I have been smoking on and off for 35 years, and have tried to quit many times using various methods. Hypnosis works! I am now a non-smoker and feeling much better - mentally and physically.

Janet L.

Duncan BC

I have tried numerous ways to quit smoking in the past. I have smoked for 40 years and am only 51 years old. The Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center has done it for me! I am truly amazed, grateful, thankful and a nonsmoker today after only a few sessions! I can't explain how this works, but it does. I'm just blown away!

Terry H.

I have been smoking for 50 years. Right after my first hypnosis session I have not had one cigarette and don't think about it. I feel much better about myself. No more smell of smoke.



I quit smoking after the first session. I was smoking a pack and half per day. I found I was able to manage the first couple days with only minor desire for a cigarette. After that I was able to be a non-smoker without any difficulty.

Michael H.


The hypnosis for cigarette smoking secession has been a successful and a pleasant experience for me. I stopped smoking after the first session and the frequency of cravings was reduced after a week. It has been a month now and I feel much better as my lung capacity has expanded to enable me to take deep breathes, my blood pressure is well in the normal range and my pulse rate is down to 60.
Michael C.
Comox BC

Recently I went to Tracy Thompson in hopes of quitting smoking after over a thirty year habit. At that point, I felt desperate since it was definitely affecting my health and quality of life. After three sessions I have not smoked. I can't believe how easy it was. I really feel that by going to the Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center and being able to quit smoking, it has possibly saved my life.

Susan F.


I am a 76 year old female and have smoked for 63 years. I was very positive thinking when I said "I want to quit." I feel great. I have not gained 1 ounce of weight since starting. I will highly recommend Ron to everyone. Thanks so much for helping me!

Vera V.

Vancouver Island

When I am with people that smoke it doesn't bother me at all. Also I am not stressed and nasty. I am so normal acting my two daughters didn't realize that I wasn't smoking.

Patricia S.

I could not be a more impressed with the results that I have experienced after my sessions at the Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center. I have successfully quit smoking without anxiety, painful cravings or the mental struggle that I experienced when I attempted to quit in the past.

Allison S.


Stress I conquered it calmly. I feel more relaxed on a daily basis.


Bad Habit: I came to the Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center to end a lifelong habit of picking at the skin on my fingers. Since starting, I have become more aware of when I start and am able to stop myself. It is my hope that I have put this habit behind me once and for all. If not, I have been shown the tools to help me get back on track.

Marian C.

Stress: I came here looking for a way to relax and deal with stress more effectively. Each session taught me how to put things into perspective and helped me relax more in school.

Chelsea L.

Stress: I came to Ron at the Nanaimo Hypnotherapy Center for panic attacks. He gave me the tools and the foundation on how to deal with my attacks. Since starting hypnosis, I am better able to control my panic attacks and have used it also for other areas in my life.

Donna F.

Confidence: I came to Ron to achieve greater confidence in my professional ability and career. I have always known that I possessed the ability, but was unable to step outside of my comfort zone to achieve my goals. Throughout the weeks of having the hypnosis sessions I found myself being able to speak and express myself confidently in business meetings and am now ready to go after my ultimate professional goals.

Beth M.


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